Pilates Másképp Mobile App

The Pilates Másképp mobile app aims to introduce Pilates to those whose schedules don’t allow them to go to the gym or a special class regularly. It offers users different video packages and workout plans, with exercises of various lengths and levels of development, so that everyone from complete beginners to professional pilates practitioners can find a package that suits them. Separate videos are also available for expectant and new mums to help them feel comfortable in their skin during pregnancy and to aid recovery after childbirth.


Grow Up – Educational Game

Grow Up helps kids with learning English while playing immersive games, with visuals and sounds tailored to their unique type of attention. The games are not so hard as to discourage playing them through, but challenging enough to give them a sense of fulfillment. The games offered in the app are separated into three different categories, each for a different type of learning.

Simon Fitness

Simon Szimonetta Boost Training Mobile App

What is the boost training mobile app?

The Simon Szimonetta Boost Training mobile app is the companion app to the website (simonszimonetta.hu). The primary focus of this app is to be an all-in-one hub of features for weight loss and exercise regimes ranging from:

Bootcamp Mobile

Bootcamp Shape Mobile App

What is Bootcamp Shape?

Bootcamp Shape is a website and app that focuses on providing exercise programs and nutrition plans to help people achieve their goal of lowering their body fat percentage and becoming healthier!


3D World Tank Battle – Online Shooting Game

KingIT Solutions has a variety of interesting and different projects and apps. 3D World Tank Battle is an outstanding demonstration of KingIT’s dynamic and flexible skillset, it is available to download for free for Android devices on the Google play store.


Candy Puzzle Game

“Candy Puzzle – Free online game” is a game developed by KingIT Solutions. It is marketed as a casual mobile game that was developed in the Unity engine for Android devices with currently over 500+ downloads. It is a free to play game that offers offline capabilities as well as optional in-app purchases.

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