Grow Up Games


ABC Spelling
There are six available categories to choose from, such as animals, fruits, vegetables, numbers, colors, and everything. The kids have to put the letters of the word in order for each item popping up on the screen. If a word is too hard for them, they have the 3 lifelines for each session, that will complete a word for them that they are having trouble with.

Grow Up Spellng

Reading and Logic
This category has three different games itself, each aimed to better the kids’ understanding of the English alphabet.

In “Read A-Z”, there are three options. Either a cute little kitten speaks the letters of the alphabet, items like an apple, a bee, or a clock are read out loud for them, so they can hear the letters actually being used in words, or a kind voice reads names of animals out loud for them, such as “A for alligator”.

“Find Image” makes them pick out one of three objects that starts with a certain letter of the alphabet.

With “Puzzle” they will learn about the shapes of the letters by using three puzzle pieces to put each letter together.

The most relaxing part of the application, where the kids can choose black and white pictures of cute animals and color them to their liking with countless brush styles and color options, which include even a sparkle brush and a rainbow pencil!

Grow Up Coloring

Other Functions

The players are ranked on a leaderboard, which brings out a little competition in them, which in turn makes them want to play them more, so they can learn more.

For each completed task the kids receive colorful badges. Collecting these things adds to the fun for them, and the more fun they have, the more they will want to learn.

In their profile, kids can stack up extra lives, so they will not have to stop their session if they make a mistake. This is also where they will collect their points, which will allow them to advance in the games. They also have their own customizable avatar here, so they can feel like the character they are playing with really is their own!

Grow Up Avatar

The settings include choosing between hard and easy difficulty levels and toggling the sounds and notifications of the game as well.