The programs are directed at women that are trying to achieve an exercise goal, lose weight and feel more confident with their bodies. The programs are female led and developed through personal experience.

The training programs have been created by a real soldier to focus on full body workout routines based upon military drills. The exercise programs are designed to use minimal equipment so that the user won’t have to invest money into exercise equipment such as weights and other expensive gear. In addition, the exercises can easily be done in the comfort of the user’s home as they require little space.

Mobile App Development

KingIT Solutions has developed Bootcamp Shape’s Android mobile app, which is available on the Google Play Store for free!

A login and registration system are fully functional within the app, users must sign up to access the workouts and information within the app.

The app has a user friendly, modern and stylish interface that enables the user to easily navigate their way around and find the information they may be looking for.

The app features five sections, these are:

  • Workout – A set of workouts that are split into separate days, including links to webpages with other workout packages as well as connecting to the websites store for workout accessories.
  • Timetable – A calendar and timetable system which allows for easy time management.
  • Profile – The profile page can be filled out by the user and used to track different goals, such as weight and measurements.
  • Meal Plans – This section provides a daily meal plan with many nutritious and balanced meals.
  • Video – A daily video is featured here, the videos all relate to current workout programs.

Bootcamp Shape’s mobile app was developed to link directly to the Bootcamp Shape website and online store, this makes purchasing a workout program and all the accessories needed for it much easier as it is all in one place!

The app and webapp are used in conjunction with one another to seamlessly maximise the user’s access to information about workouts and meal plans, no matter what device they are using.