The Lumanagi Prediction Game is an exciting new feature set to launch on the Lumanagi Exchange platform in just three months. Drawing inspiration from popular prediction games like the one on PancakeSwap, the Lumanagi Prediction Game offers users a chance to test their market prediction skills and earn rewards.

How Does the Lumanagi Prediction Game Work?

Making a Prediction: Users will have the opportunity to predict whether the price of a particular asset will rise or fall within a specified time frame.

Locking in Bets: Once a prediction is made, users will lock in their bets using the platform’s native token or other supported tokens.

Awaiting the Outcome: After the time frame expires, the platform will determine the actual price movement of the asset.

Reward Distribution: Users who made correct predictions will receive their initial bet along with a portion of the losing bets, effectively earning a profit. Those who predicted incorrectly will lose their staked amount.

Market Data Insights

Historical Price Movements: This shows the past price trends of the asset in question, helping users identify patterns or potential future movements.

Win/Loss Ratios: This data provides insights into how many users have won or lost in previous prediction rounds, giving a sense of the game’s difficulty or the asset’s predictability.

Total Bets and Payouts: This showcases the total amount staked in the game and the total rewards distributed to winners.

For a detailed breakdown of the market data and insights, users are encouraged to visit Dune’s PancakeSwap Prediction Tracker.

On the first two diagrams you can see how many users made predictions and and the total amount of bets for Cake and BNB tokens, respectively.

Lumanagi Diagrams 1

On the bottom two diagrams you can see the number of users and the cumulative fees paid by them for each month, and also the cumulative bets since the game’s launch.

Lumanagi Diagrams 2

In conclusion, the Lumanagi Prediction Game promises to be an engaging and rewarding experience for users. With its launch just around the corner, market enthusiasts and prediction aficionados should mark their calendars and get ready to test their skills!