As sedentary lives become more prevalent, people are consciously adding more workouts and good diet habits into their routines. Fitness studios have been a savior for people and are consequently thriving. People are now able to receive expert workout advice and implement fitness into their lives easily, thanks to fitness studios and gyms.

Dealing with so many customers in the gym and maintaining the quality of the service is not easy. Therefore, We created a mobile application for Kiralyfitness with some amazing features like training, purchasing the memberships, products online with one click, a calendar that shows your visits to the gym, as well as a store where gym customers can purchase the premium membership through the app.

Kiralyfitness has a web application that helps the management team with keeping the service quality up and monitor the company to manage it efficiently. This app is connected from the backend to the mobile app. It’s a complete package for both the customers as well as the fitness owners. Easy registration and a smooth login process in the application make it more user-friendly.

KingIT Solution is an industry expert in building and launching interesting, easy-to-use, and technologically advanced fitness apps that enable users and employers to manage their data. Team up with us to spark a wellness revolution among thousands of users!

What do you get from us?

Our Strength: Our Team

Our genuine strength is drawn from our exceptional team that is technologically native, enthusiastic, and committed to the success of our clients.

Unbeatable Experience

We have years of experience helping clients all over the world use technology to its fullest potential by giving them cutting-edge digitalization.

Seamless Delivery

We have developed over 300+ mobile apps, IoT solutions, and digital platforms for some of the world’s largest brands.

Business Expertise

With expertise delivering solutions to more than 300 businesses worldwide, we can provide you with superior, results-driven industry experience for your fitness business.

Trusted by Great Brands

There is a reason why great companies have placed their trust in us and adopted our vision. Because we offer exceptional service, always on time.

We at KingIT Solutions ensure that your mobile application is smooth, seamless, and has all the features you are looking for. From the start to the end of the development process, we consider our clients’ suggestions and ideas to deliver a great application.

Solutions for Mobility in the Fitness Industry

Developing a fitness application requires precision and efficiecy to ensure a smooth user experience.  We know how complicated the health and fitness market is, and before starting your project we do a lot of research.

Our skilled development team is able to provide solutions depending on the industry’s specific requirements. Impress the fitness afficionados and increase your numbers with our intelligent app creation services, complete with appealing features and great functionality.

KingIT Solutions is the place for you if you are looking to build your fitness application that has all the necessary features and expands your business in the industry. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to assist you with anything.