“Candy Puzzle – Free online game” is a game developed by KingIT Solutions. It is marketed as a casual mobile game that was developed in the Unity engine for Android devices with currently over 500+ downloads. It is a free to play game that offers offline capabilities as well as optional in-app purchases.

The gameplay consists of matching different shaped and coloured candy pieces to gain stars and progress to further levels. The objective of the game is to match 3 or more of the candy pieces with boosts called Sugar Boosts. These Sugar Boosts help the player to achieve high scores, with 3 stars being awarded for each completed puzzle. The game can be won by eliminating the chocolate bars.

The game contains 100 unique levels for players to progress through as well as many additional features which have been implemented. If a player gets stuck and is unable to progress, they can use their gold coins in order to unlock features that will make a level easier for them. For example the lollipop removes one candy piece of choice, whilst the colour bomb destroys all candies of the same colour.

A clean and crisp aesthetic design approach has been taken while developing the game, making sure that the user experience is easy to navigate and understand, while also keeping it as simple as possible for all age ranges to enjoy. The settings menu allows the player to select between a male or a female avatar making it feel more customisable.

Features that have been developed and implemented into the game are:

  • In-app purchases – Players can purchase extra coins within the game at affordable price tiers.
  • Bonus wheel- Players can spin a bonus wheel once a day to gain extra coins or goodies such as lollipops or colour bombs or if they have already used the wheel once, they can use 100 coins to spin it again.
  • Watching ads for more coins- Implementing a system which allows users to watch an ad (based on Unity ads systems) and earning free coins by doing so.
  • Daily bonuses- Players earn bonuses for logging in each day.

This game shows KingIT Solutions’ diversified skillset; to not only be able to produce high quality websites and IT solutions, but to also make fun and engaging apps for all ages to enjoy. The company intends to grow and go from strength to strength with bigger projects planned for the future.