is an innovative multimedia platform that delves into the dynamic world of blockchain technology and its applications across various industries. They connect forward-thinking innovators and visionaries with a broader audience. The host of their show, G, is a seasoned music executive renowned for collaborating with top artists like Nipsey Hussle and Beyoncé. Through their program, “Web3 Bloc Chain Show,” they offer a unique perspective on the realm of independent creators in today’s digital landscape.

“Web3 Bloc Chain Show” covers the latest trends and advancements in areas such as NFTs, virtual and physical ownership, cryptocurrency, digital assets, and smart contracts. Emphasizing an approach that combines education and entertainment, their platform caters to everybody seeking insights into the potential of Web3 technology and its influence on the future. provides valuable insights, interviews, and discussions on the latest trends, news, and developments in the blockchain space. Through their website and podcast, they aim to educate and inform both beginners and experts about the technology, its use cases, and its potential to revolutionize sectors such as finance, supply chain, healthcare, and more. leverages various technologies to deliver their content effectively. They utilize podcasting platforms to produce and distribute their episodes, ensuring that their discussions reach a wide audience. Additionally, they may use social media channels, email newsletters, and their website to engage with their community and share valuable resources.

The Web3 Bloc Chain Show has covered a diverse range of topics within the blockchain space, inviting experts and industry leaders as guests on their episodes. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

Stock Market VS. The Blockchain With “Einstein Of Wall Street”, Peter Tuchman

Philanthropy And NFT’s With Arielle Caputo, Philantropist and Author

From Star Wars Special FX To Creating Skins In Web3 With Metatope

Pigeons of New York NFT With Co-Founder Jim Hernandez

The team consists of two key individuals: G and Alexa.

G is the host and primary content creator. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its nuances, G brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the podcast. His ability to simplify complex concepts and engage with guests on a wide range of blockchain-related topics makes him a trusted source of information.

Alea’s contributions in the entertainment industry are closely linked with NFTs, Web3, crypto, blockchain, and decentralized technologies. Her work is reshaping the landscape of both the music and tech sectors. As a “Woman of Web3,” she assumes a leadership role, dedicated to empowering creatives to use these groundbreaking technologies in their music.

In conclusion, is an great resource for anyone interested in understanding the potential of blockchain technology. Through their insightful episodes, featuring notable guests from various industries, they provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions and knowledge-sharing within the blockchain community.